FL Girl Designs Craft Party

FL Girl Designs Craft Party


Do you love to craft?  Have you ever seen a pair of earrings for sale and thought, "I love that design but I would have used this color and not that color"?  Looking for a fun and unique party to host?  Then let FL Girl Designs help you!

For our parties, you get to choose which design you want to make and the theme (for example Dottie earrings with baseballs and team colors of green, black and white or chevrons in fall colors).  We will prepare and precut the leather for you, bring all the tools needed and offer you a selection of colors in your requested theme.  During the party, you will select your earring pieces and hardware and we will walk you through how to make your vision come to life.  

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 Craft parties are an excellent way to unwind and relax with friends, family, coworkers, teammates, etc.  We can with any event whether it's a girls night in, birthday party, team event, sports mom get together, anything!  We are also happy to include kids 12 years and older in our parties.  

To request a party, please use the form below.  We will reach out in order to confirm your party date, earring design and theme.  If you don't know which theme to select, it's okay.  We are happy to surprise you!  Also the theme can be as simple as "glitter", "blues", etc.  The minimum party size is 5 crafters.    

Party pricing will vary based on the earring/accessory design.  Pricing is based on one accessory, however for an additional fee you can add on a second accessory.  For example if you book a party for a pair of Dottie earrings, your cost is $30 however if you would like to make two pairs of Dottie earrings, you can add a second pair for an additional $10. 

When your date is confirmed, we will send you a private link in order to share with your guests so they can pay for their earrings individually.  

If you have a party with 10 paid crafters, the host will receive their accessory for FREE!  

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